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If you make it a point to visit Langkawi during fine weather, take a trip the nearby islands, starting with Pulau Tuba, about five kilometres south of Langkawi island. It is the only island that offers accommodation to tourists but it is a case of 'take it or leave it' as there is only one place to stay. Sunrise Beach Resort has its own swimming pool but if you prefer the backpacking style of travelling and accommodation, then you will probably have to head back to Langkawi for the night.

Pulau Tuba is mostly mountainous. Activities are limited to hiking - check with the hotel on trails to follow. Being undeveloped, this island is still a natural habitat to an interesting array of wildlife. Bird watching or simply walking will bring you closer . Even the deserted beaches would be an incentive for the sea creatures to put in an appearance. You can get to Pulau Tuba by speed boat. Each return trip is estimated to cost about RM6.

The beach at Pulau Tuba

Quiet beach at Pulau Tuba
This island of approximately 10 square kilometres in area is rich in unique geology, flora and fauna. It has been designated a bird and animal sanctuary. Indeed, the island is a haven for visiting geologists, botanists, ornithologists, zoologists and, of course, the casual visitor.

Located south of Pulau Langkawi, tucked between the islands of Dayang Bunting and Beras Basah, it takes a 40-minute boat ride from Kuah Jetty to reach the island. There are marked jungle trails, lookout points at vantage spots, beachside barbeque pits, toilets and showers. You may camp out with prior permission from the Wildlife Department. Most of the island's powdery white beaches are punctuated by mangrove coves or rocky outcrops. Keep to the marked areas for swimming or snorkelling. Bird watchers will find this island a treat as over 90 species of birds have been recorded here, some of them migratory. The island is visited by tourists daily as it is often included in island hopping tours.

On the ferry approach to Bass Straits that fronts Kuah town, many a first time visitor's attention will be drawn to one small island that lies just a short distance across from the jetty. This is Pulau Bumbon.

A ten minute boat ride that usually departs from somewhere between the jetty and the Sheraton Perdana Resort will take you to this diminutive island. Boat rides may be anything from RM4 to a RM25 day trip package. There are beautiful beaches but no reasonable accommodation for tourists to stay overnight. However, it has been said that a villager has taken the initiative to rent out basic chalets for over-nighters or day trippers. Meals can be arranged - Malay island style if you wish.

Pulau Bumbon is just nice for a peaceful spartan island getaway.  


Only about a 15-minute boat ride from Kuah, Pulau Dayang Bunting, or the Isle of the Pregnant Maiden is the largest island after Pulau Langkawi. Except for the largest village on the less touristy side of the island, there is no accommodation facilities available on the main visitor's track. As such hops to Pulau Dayang Bunting are mostly day trips.

There are two main attractions, namely, Gua Langsir (Cave of the Banshee) and Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). The cave is not easily accessible as the entrance is high up on the side of the cliff. The lake, however, is only a few minutes walk from the small jetty. A short climb up some rather steep steps is necessary before  coming down the other side. The lake exudes a pleasant and quiet ambiance. Swimming within a safety enclosure is allowed. Going by what the legend of the islands says, swimming in the lake or drinking its water (not advisable) will render a barren  woman fertile.


Hanging out at Pulau Dayang Bunting
The floating platform at Tasik Dayang Bunting-bring your swimming togs

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