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The beautiful beach at Pulau Beras Basah.

Island hopping is a great way to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Langkawi islands. As your boat weaves through the watery passage between the islands, enjoy the cool breeze and warm splash of the sun's rays. A round trip around Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah takes about four hours.

Alternatively, charter a boat and enjoy a fantastic sunset cruise with cocktails served on-board. Special itineraries with a barbeque cookout, snorkelling or trips to other outlying islands can also be arranged. Be more adventurous. Don't just confine your exploration to the main island routes. Take in the beauty of islands such as Pulau Hujung Buluh, which is the furthest island from Langkawi. Remember that there are 99 islands here!

Sunbathing on the soft sands of Pulau Beras Basah.

Most activity conveners and concierge at the major hotels and resorts can help arrange island hopping trips for guests. Do book in advance if you require their assistance. Alternatively, if your desire to explore the islands without advanced arrangements made, just drop by any travel and tour operators and enquire about their next departure. Island hopping trips can be made from many jump-off points, including Tanjung Rhu, Kuah, Pantai Chenang, and Tanjung Malai near the Awana Porto Malai Resort.

Despite the exhilarating feeling as your boat skims the turquoise seas around the islands, you still have to bear in mind that the conditions can be very humid and warm, especially in the afternoons. Although some boat operators provide bottled waters, it is always wise to bring extra for your own consumption. As the journey may take hours, bring along some food. Wear light cotton shorts, pants, blouse or t-shirt.

Also, don't think that although you will be travelling in a roofed boat you will be spared the agony of sunburn. This can happen as the sun's rays can do the same indirectly as they are reflected from the glimmering surface of the sea. Bearing this in mind do use some form of sunscreen or sun block.

If you can't help but feel seasick minutes after boarding any kind of sea-going craft, just make your way to the nearest pharmacy for a some Dramamine or similar medications that can control sea sickness.

Also bring along a big, fairly thick garbage bag or large Ziploc sandwich bags. Why? You see, the sprays from the sea may just get your precious camera wet; so it is advisable to protect them. If you only remember them when already out at sea, just tuck your camera under your blouse or t-shirt. It is ok if your cameras are designed to withstand light immersion in water or sprays. Also, don't forget to bring extra alkaline batteries (if you use those) or have some fully-recharged spares on standby. You can go barefoot or at least wear light rubber sandals or flip-flops. Trekking boots may not be advisable as you may have to tread water when disembarking at some places. For your eyes, wear shades with UV protection (they all do these days - even the cheapest bootleg ones!). A floppy hat will be an added protection.


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